Storm Boy

Format:     Feature Film
Genre:       Drama, Family
Status:       In Production

STORMBOY is a re-imagination of the classic 1976 Australian story about the bond that forms between a lonely boy and an orphaned pelican chick. Set in a desolate coastline, this family friendly film stars Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush and Jai Courtney

Song of Scorpions

Format:     Feature Film
Genre:       Drama, Magic Realism
Status:       Completed

SONG OF SCORPIONS is a contemporary folktale of twisted love, revenge and the redemptive power of music in the golden desert of Rajasthan, starring Cesar Award nominee Golshifteh Farahani.


Format:     Feature Film
Genre:       Sports, Drama
Status:       In Production

STANO is an inspirational underdog story about a young rising star who lands himself in prison for a terrible accident. After 17 years of being behind bars and trying to stay alive, he returns to society and must fight to reclaim his career, his friendships and his love..

100 Yards

Format:     Feature Film
Genre:       Sports, Faith, Family, Drama
Status:       In Post-Production.

A top college quarterback abandons his bright future in professional football to search for his missing mother when a sudden illness forces him to deal with his inner demons. He soon learns that running the 100 yards of life is tougher than all he’s ever faced on the football field.

The Big Question

Format:     13 episodes x 30-minute series
Genre:       Factual Entertainment Format
Status:       In Development

Every girl has her dream proposal. THE BIG QUESTION is an exciting new factual entertainment format that turns the dreams into reality, as it helps the guys to surprise their lover with some of the most elaborate and jaw-dropping proposals imaginable.

The Mushies

Format:      13 episodes x 11-minute series
Genre:        Children’s Animation, Adventure, Educational
Status:        In Development

Deep in the realms of an enchanted forest, little fairy-like creatures, called the Mushies, live in a grove of magical mushrooms. Their world is perfect, well almost, until three Mush-kids accidentally discover the nefarious plot of the Pixies and the notorious Potato Gremlins.

Eco-Warriors 2095

Format:     13 episodes x 11-minute series
Genre:       Children’s Animation, Adventure, Educational, Environment
Status:       In Development

In the year 2095, humanity has reached a final crisis point. Earth teeters on the verge of collapse. A trio of teenagers is sent back to 2016, when the age of extinction was said to have begun, to fix the wrongs that have set our planet on the path to destruction.

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